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Why is it inappropriate to recite too many Little Houses at the same time?

Caller: Master Lu, you have mentioned that it is fine to recite several Little Houses at the same time, but if it’s too many it would be ineffective. In general, may I ask, Master Lu, why it is that shouldn’t we recite more than seven Little Houses at the same time?

Master Lu: If you haven’t completed the recitation for each Little House……Let me give you a simple example. You make 20 people queue up and make them wait for you to give them food. But you only give a small piece to each of them. So, would they not revolt against you? Could they all be full?

Caller: No. I understand now.

Master Lu: With the example, now that you understand it.

Caller: How long should it take to complete the recitations for one Little House? Would it become ineffective if a certain period of time has been exceeded?

Master Lu: A few days would not be good. Generally, it would not be good to have exceeded a week.

Caller: Does the time start to count down from the moment when the recipient’s name is written down? Does the time start counting once ‘Karmic Creditor of <someone’s name> ’ has been written in? Is that right?

Master Lu: In general, once the name of the karmic creditor is written down, then the Little House would be activated, and the karmic creditors would then come and get it.

Caller: Once we have filled in both fields of ‘offer to’ and ‘offered by’, right?

Master Lu: No, once you have filled in only the field of ‘offer to’, your karmic creditors would then come.

Caller: Oh, I understand.

Master Lu: Once you have sent out an invitation card, would people not come over?

Caller: Exactly.  

Why is it inappropriate to recite too many Little Houses at the same time?