We should always repent our wrongdoings. Always repent, and always reflect on things we didn’t do well. We have heavy karma and need to repent. We should learn to repent for our wrongdoings and eliminate all karmic obstacles that would otherwise cause us to fall into the endless cycle of rebirth. If we think that we will nevertheless fall into the cycle of rebirth from our next lifetime, we have to find out the root cause. If our hatred is too intense, think: ‘OK, from now on I’m not going to hate anymore.’ Why is that we won’t be able to ascend to the heavens in our next lifetime? It is because there are too many karmic obstacles. What are karmic obstacles? The act of telling people off, fighting, killing chickens and ducks, harming others in the past, etc. All these would be karmic obstacles. We have to eliminate them so that we will be able to ascend to the heavens easily. This is likened to releasing a helium balloon to the sky; we must release it to the sky. 

—— Excerpt from Buddhism in Plain Terms (Volume 4, Chapter 22: Adjust the body and mind, create space, attain the Buddha’s spiritual level). 

We should always repent our wrongdoings