Excerpt from Master Lu’s Public Talk in Paris, France
1 October 2017

When someone in your family is angry, the first thing you should do is learn to stay away. For many people, their first reaction is to talk back to their wives or husbands and then get into a heated exchange with each other. In fact, just like if a house is on fire, the very first thing you should do is to flee the scene. You can find a way to put out the fire afterwards. Thus, staying away is a good approach.

The second approach is diversion of attention. When a family member is having a fit of anger, you can either change the subject or take the spouse out on a shopping trip.

Thirdly, learn to resolve the conflicts. When you get scolding from the other party, you shouldn’t retaliate. Instead, you should find a friend and sit down for a talk. There is no smoke without fire. There must be some reason why the wife loses her temper or the husband is unhappy.

Understanding the working of karma helps elevate a person’s state of mind. View someone’s wrath against you as an opportunity to make you a better person. It helps you identify your weaknesses. In this way, you’ll be able to rectify your shortcomings and learn to control your emotions. Whoever can control their emotions is already a winner.

Three ways to avoid being angry