Master Jun Hong Lu’s 
Public Talk
Brisbane, Australia
9 June 2019
The Secret to Life

Master Jun Hong Lu:

Master Jun Hong Lu: We live in a complex society where it is very difficult to understand what others are thinking. It is full of worries that we can’t let go and incessant cycles of love and hatred. We journey on a seemingly unending and unconquerable road filled with frustrations, dashed hopes and helplessness. We are unable to forget the past, to be free from the frenzied present, or to envision a future. At the end of the day, we cannot predict the day that we will disappear. This is life. 

Hence, regardless of how busy or tired you are, I urge this of all of you – never forget to learn Buddhism and cultivate spiritually. 

Happiness in the human realm is temporary. Suffering is also temporary. As Buddhist practitioners, always remember that doing good and accruing merits is the foundation of being human. After all, only with diligence can we obtain the sweetness that comes when bitterness is exhausted; only with forbearance can we escape suffering to obtain happiness; only by observing the precepts can we enjoy peace and prosperity; and only with Buddha’s kindness can we transcend the cycle of rebirth.

The Secret to Life