Now I understand that the main reason that I often felt weak and sickly since I was born is I have massive karmic debt. I have been suffering from arrhythmic and genetic liver disease. In June 1986 I accidentally broke my left leg while I was cycling and my leg was in pain ever since. I received medical treatment and hoped that it can be cured so that I could live as a normal human being. I felt despaired when my left femur was diagnosed with necrosis in 2005.This means I might not walk again! In order to cure my leg, I had been trying physiotherapies and Chinese traditional medicine. But nothing seemed to be helpful: the left leg was as thin as a goat’s whereas the right one was like an elephant’s.

When undergoing medical treatment, I also got many other illnesses such as the Parkinson disease, rheumatoid and hepatitis C in 2007. This made me feel extremely desperate and hopeless to the point where I was even diagnosed with depression. Meanwhile, I also suffered from severe faucitis (sore throat) and migraine. Throughout this period, my situation never got any better no-matter how many ways I have tried. In 2009, I was advised by two hospitals to change my bones before I got too old, and not to carry any heavy stuff because my left leg could not afford any pressure. This means that I had to use wheel chair from then on. I was badly tortured by all these diseases and all I wanted to do was to commit suicide.

In 2010, a Buddhist said to me that these are karmic diseases, which are the manifestation of karmic debts of our own. I was quite confused because it was obvious that I broke my leg by myself. Although I started to practice Buddhism in May 2008 and have set up an altar, I did not quite understand the principles of Buddhism. One day in October, my leg was insufferably painful so that I kneeled down in front of the altar to pray to Guan Yin Bodhisattva for curing my leg. What happened next was truly amazing! For the first time in more than twenty years, I started to feel heat in my leg after I stood up! I was excited that I finally saw some hope in my life, and I also started to realize that my suffering was indeed caused by karmic force. At that moment, I made a great vow to Guan Yin Bodhisattva to quit eating meat and killing for the rest of my life.

I felt grateful to Guan Yin Bodhisattva that fortune finally smiled on me. On the Winter Solstice in 2008 while I went to a temple to do some Buddhist practices, I got a book titled ‘Fate, Fortune and Fengshui’ from a follower of the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door, who suggested that the book might be suitable for me since my body was not in good condition. I read it carefully. The more I read, the happier I felt: the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door has helped so many people be free from cure karmic diseases; its method can even allow one to ease suffering of the deceased by transferring merits to them. In February 2011 I started to practice the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door. On the third day after starting reciting The Great Compassion Mantra, the depressed feeling that has constantly affected me dissipated. From the fifth day, I became optimistic and motivated. I no longer worried about my leg and my diseases; rather, I was dedicated to reciting Buddhist scriptures and offering Little Houses to my karmic creditors. After two months, Guan Yin Bodhisattva asked me in my dream about how many people I would be willing to help by introducing them this Buddhist practice. I made a grand vow to Guan Yin Bodhisattva that I would like to help every sentient being!

After practicing Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door for half a year, with the blessing of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, the test result of my hepatitis Cvirus turned negative in July 2011! And I barely experienced outbreaks in faucitis, migraine or rheumatoid. The Parkinson disease was also cured. In August, I dreamt about Guan Yin Bodhisattva again and I made another great vow that I would spare no effort to practice Buddhism and cultivate myself. Up till now I have practiced the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door for more than three years. I diligently recite Buddhist scriptures and Little Houses everyday and perform life liberation each month. In addition, on the first and fifteenth day of each lunar month, I hand out Master Lu’s books to other people to introduce such a wonderful method to them. As a result of this, my left leg is completely cured without having any medical treatment! It now looks almost as thick as the right one and I could walk steadily and could even jog. All my diseases that I have mentioned above disappeared! I cannot feel more grateful to Guan Yin Bodhisattva for giving me a brand new life.

This is extremely unbelievable! I would like to share my experience to everyone. At the moment, there is no good medical treatment for all my diseases but by diligently practicing Buddhism, I regain my health as if I have been given a new lease on life with the blessing of Guan Yin Bodhisattva. As I have mentioned above, I have taken grand vows to abstain from eating meat and from killing, and to help every sentient being that I happen to encounter to the best of my effort. Now I just feel energetic and full of bliss everyday. I would like to brighten everyone’s life.

From my own story, I can truly experience the incredible power of ‘faith, vow and practice’ as many Buddhists suggest. As long as we have faith and are willing to take action with great determination and persistence, we can definitely change our destiny.

I would very much like to sincerely extend my gratitude to the Great Merciful and Great Compassionate Guan Yin Bodhisattva and the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door!

The Great Power of ‘Faith, Vow and Practice’ Changes My Destiny