[From the Editor]The conversation during “The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics” radio program which aired on 4th January 2011, raises awareness of the significance of practising the Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door. To encourage more people to be more diligent in their cultivation, Master Lu is able to examine the fate of an individual and also see the names of foreign spirits occupying their body. Master Lu’s talent is exhibited in the extract below.


Master Lu: Hello!

Caller: Hello! I am from Qingdao Province. Can you please have a look to see if there are any karmic obstacles and foreign spirits occupying my body? I was born in 1938, the year of the Tiger.

Master Lu: You are in a better state than before. But you have to be cautious, as you have problems with your stomach.

Caller: Yes.
Master Lu: Also your lower back.

Caller: Yes.
Master Lu
: You have problems with your joints.

Caller: Yes.

Master Lu: Also, one of your arms is always sore. Do you understand?

Caller: En, I understand.
Master Lu: Due to the soreness in your arm, you often cannot lift it.

Caller: En. Are there any foreign spirits occupying my body?

Master Lu: There is one spirit occupying your neck and it looks like it is either your mother or your mother-in-law. Let me have a closer look to see who it is. She has a bit of a hunchback and often wears a hat in winter. Who is she?

Caller: I have no idea.

Master Lu: She is not very tall and not that chubby. Let me have a look to see what her name is…does she have a word “HUA” in her name.

Caller: She has a “HUA”…I know who she is.

Master Lu: Anyone?

Caller: Yes, yes, yes! Master, you are so amazing! So how many Little Houses do I have to recite for her?

Master Lu: 11 Little Houses. She is the one who is causing you to feel pain in your neck.


Radio Program Extract 135