[From the Editor] A caller shared some positive updates during “The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics” radio program which aired on 15th October 2011. A young woman, who had failed her interview several times before, was eventually hired three days after she started following Master Lu’s guidance regarding which recitations to perform. The interview was for an airline stewardess job, as Master Lu previously said. Also, the woman’s appearance was exactly as Master Lu described it to be.


Master Lu: Hello!

Caller: Hello, Master! I am calling from Hong Kong on behalf of a fellow practitioner as she cannot speak Mandarin. This is my second time calling on her behalf. The first time, you said that her daughter would become an airline stewardess and she would like to thank you. Her daughter had been interviewed several times for the job but had failed. Then, you told me to tell her daughter that she would be hired if she recited a particular combination of recitations. After I passed on your guidance to her daughter, she started performing the recitations until she fell asleep and continued them when she woke up the next morning. Then, on the following Monday, a Hong Kong airline company hired her. She wanted to thank you Master!

Master Lu: Hehe……Because I guided her, she would certainly make it!

Caller: You mentioned earlier that her zodiac Horse was white and pretty, and had short legs. She is exactly as you described.

Master Lu: Hehe…

Caller: She asked me to pass on her gratitude to you! Also, her mother is very diligent in performing recitations!


Radio Program Extract 130