[From the Editor] The following is an extract from “The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics” radio program which aired on 13th August 2013. Master Lu saw from the Totem that the caller had problems with her stomach, dry eyes, difficulties sleeping, hair loss, anxiety and pain and soreness near her right shoulder and this was all confirmed by the caller. Master Lu also saw that the caller had several abortions and one of the babies was originally coming to collect debts from her but she had him aborted. The caller had already offered more than 200 Little Houses for the abortions but was told by Master Lu that she needed to offer another 36 Little Houses.


Caller: Master, can you please have a look at my Totem? I was born in 1976, the Year of the Dragon. I would like to know about my health.

Master Lu: Your zodiac Dragon is trying to fly upwards but it cannot fly that high. Also you have a big problem with your stomach.

Caller: Yes, you are right!

Master Lu: You often feel uncomfortable after eating.

Caller: Yes, yes.

Master Lu: Also, you experience dryness in your eyes after you wake up.

Caller: Aya, you are so right!

Master Lu: Furthermore, you have difficulties sleeping.

Caller: Yes, yes.

Master Lu: You also experience hair loss.

Caller: Yes, and lately it has become very serious.

Master Lu: Also, you are often anxious, even when you are at home. You have a bad memory and have pain and soreness in your right arm near the shoulder.

Caller: Yes.

Master Lu: Also, I can see that you have had abortions before.

Caller: Yes, I was naïve in the past.

Master Lu: You have to offer Little Houses for the abortions.

Caller: I have been reciting for my abortions for quite some time now and have already offered more than 200 Little Houses.

Master Lu: You have had several abortions.

Caller: Yes. Can you please tell me how many more Little Houses I need to offer?

Master Lu: There is one aborted baby that is reluctant to leave your body.

Caller: Yes, I know. I can feel it.

Master Lu: The baby is reluctant to leave as he might have being at an advanced stage in his development when he was aborted. Also, the baby was originally coming to collect debts from you and you had him aborted. Therefore, your offenses have been accumulated.

Caller: En, so how many Little Houses does he want more?

Master Lu: You have to offer another 36 Little Houses.

Caller: Okay.

Radio Program Extract 118