[From the Editor] The following is an extract from “The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics” radio program which aired on 8th March 2012. From the Totem, Master Lu saw each bone of the caller’s husband’s zodiac goat which indicated that he was thin and this was confirmed by the caller. Master Lu also pointed out that her husband’s confusion and memory loss was due to the bad energy field of their house and the big mirror in their living room.


Master Lu: Hello!

Caller: I am so grateful that I got through to you! Master, can you please have a look the Totem for my husband? He was born in 1979, the Year of the Goat. Does he have any foreign spirits occupying his body?

Master Lu: Oh, there are foreign spirits occupying his body! Let me tell you something, from his totem, I can see all the bones of his zodiac goat and that he has very little subcutaneous fat.

Caller: Yes, Master! He is very thin! He is exactly how you described him.

Master Lu: Hehe…

Caller: How many Little Houses should he offer?

Master Lu: He should offer eleven Little Houses.

Caller: Okay!

Master Lu: Let me tell you, at the moment, the energy field of your house is not that great!

Caller: Master, I know what you mean. The bad energy field is due to the mirror in the living room. Since I started to follow your Buddhist teaching, I wanted to remove it but my husband has not gotten around to removing it yet.

Master Lu: He is often unable to concentrate and his memory is getting worse because of the mirror.

Caller: Yes, he is like that. He has a very bad memory!

Master Lu: Also, he is often confused and that is due to the mirror.

Caller: Oh, I understand!

Master Lu: I will tell you that if he does not change…

Caller: Also, Master, can you please have a look at whether we have any karmic creditors in our house?

Master Lu: Yes, you do!

Radio Program Extract 105