[From the Editor] The following is an extract from “The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics” radio program on 1st November 2013. Master Lu saw that the caller was traumatised before and often had black out. The caller was advised neither to wear strong eye makeup nor to dress too exposed. Master Lu also pointed out that she had problems with the joints, stomach, hearing as well as gynecological hyperplasia.


Master Lu: Hello!

Caller: Hello, Master! I would like to enquire about my Totem. I was born in 1970, the year of Dog.

Master Lu: You have to be aware of your brain which is very likely to have problems when you get old. You were traumatised before.

Caller: Yes!

Master Lu: You are able to feel it yourself. You often have black out when you suddenly stand up or wake up.

Caller: Exactly!

Master Lu: Also, please do not wear strong eye makeup. I can see it from your Totem. It’s too much.

Caller: Okay!

Master Lu: Besides, you are not that young, you are in your 40s. Do not dress too exposed, especially around the neck area.

Caller: Hehe… I only have one clothes like that.

Master Lu: Also be aware of your joints.

Caller: Yes!

Master Lu: You used to have problem with your stomach.

Caller: Yeah, it aches a lot.

Master Lu: Although you are not that old, you often have problem with hearing. You cannot hear clearly when people talk to you.

Caller: Yeah!

Master Lu: I can see that you will have problem with your heart and mammary gland in your later years.

Caller: Really?

Master Lu: You have mammary gland hyperplasia on the right side.

Caller: Yeah I know. I can feel it.

Radio Program Extract 080