[From the Editor] During the “Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics” radio program on 21st June 2012, Sydney Australia local time, a caller asked Master Lu which realm the caller’s deceased father is in. From the Totem Enquiry, Master Lu revealed that the father is in the Asura realm. Master Lu also described his characteristics: that he was very capable but had a bad temper. The father used to yell at people and throw things around. He also had problems with his blood pressure and liked to drink. It does not matter if a person is in the heavens, on Earth, or in the underworld, and it does not matter whether you are enquiring about the past, present or future, the Totem is like a mirror that clearly reflects everything.


Master Lu: Hello.

Caller: Hi, Master Lu! Ah-ya! Master Lu, Master Lu. How are you? Master Lu, please help me to take a look at Chijun Liang. Could you please take a look at which realm he is in? He’s my father.

Master Lu: He is now in the Asura realm. I can tell you that, in the past, your father was very capable. He could do everything.

Caller: Yes! Yes!

Master Lu: The only problem was that he had a bad temper!

Caller: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Master Lu: He was very impatient! When he was impatient he would yell at people or even throw things around.

Caller: Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Master Lu: When he was alive, he also had problems with his cardiovascular system and blood pressure.

Caller: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! He often had to check his blood pressure. Now that he is in the Asura realm, should I still perform recitations for him?

Master Lu: You can still perform some recitations for him. It would be best if you could help him to proceed to the Deva realm or even higher realms. Now he doesn’t drink anymore. When he was alive, he often consumed alcohol.

Caller: Hm. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Master Lu: Yeah, he really enjoyed drinking!

Caller: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ha ha…

Master Lu: I can tell you that, even if you are in heaven, I will still be able to see!

Radio Program Extract 002