Most of my listeners would not be able to pick me out from a crowd in the street, but they can tell me apart, once I talk.

First of all, I would like to thank my listeners who have followed me for 8 years. Every time I see you, my heart finds a way to a warm embrace. Please allow me to wish you good health, good luck and prosperity.

When many of my listeners meet me in person they always say, “Master Lu, your voice sounds fairly mature, like an aged person, but you are in fact a person of great vitality.” Often I rely on sutra chanting, or meditation to relax and replenish energy.  I often perform “Totem enquiry” during a radio program. Then what is a “Totem”? When a person is born, he/she has a corresponding image in Heaven. For Chinese people, this image is the Chinese zodiac. For example, if you were born in the Year of the Pig your totem would be in the form of a pig. Likewise, a “rooster” will have a rooster totem. The Western zodiac basically has the same idea. There are totems in Heaven and there are records of names in the Underworld. The reading from  totem enquiry is generally very accurate; however, the key is how it is interpreted.

The Chinese philosophy of “Yin and Yang” and the “The eight trigrams” have been compiled into a genetic code which can be deciphered by the Chinese as the ancient eight trigrams. Speaking about science just for a moment, the LCD screen was developed from Chinese Hexagrams[1]. I will not dwell too much on trivia and the only reason I raise this is that, scientists and people of faith have specifically debated the matter of metaphysics. Today, I firstly want to talk about a debate in the United States in which an astronomer said, “I have been looking at the sky my whole life, and stars and the Moon were all I saw. I have never seen God, angels, or the Buddha; therefore I do not believe that these things exist.” A person of faith then stood and asked the scientist, “Sir, have you seen the wind? Have you seen electricity?”  To which the scientist replied, “No, I have not.” “But you believe they exist?” asked the religious person. “Yes I do.” responded the scientist. “Every day we use electricity and every day we encounter the wind”. The religious person then asked, “Then before Thomas Edison discovered it, did electricity not exist?” Another man of science then stood and said, “I would like to ask a question. I am a surgeon and have performed operations for my whole life and have never seen a soul and I do not believe it exists.” To which the religious person replied, “Doctor, do you love your wife?”  “Yes, of course, I love her very much.” said the doctor. “Then, can you show me this love?” the religious person then asked. “Can you operate on your body and show us just how much you love her?” This cannot be shown.

Many listeners know my transcendental power and come to me for totem enquiry. If you do not believe in the totem however, it would be of no use to you. It is like making friends. Friends would only help each other with mutual trust. The totem is the same. If you do not wholeheartedly believe in it, the totem would be of no use to you. I have told many of my listeners that my unique ability was a gift from the Bodhisattva. If you practice Buddhism properly, one day you too may be able to see the totem, and then I will no longer be unique, because when you can see what I can see, you will know the totem truly exits. Do not just because something has not been discovered then you think it does not exist. Please think about this. Can you really deny the existence of the things you cannot see? Your intuition plays an important role in understanding this. For instance, when you first meet a person, you may not feel like interacting further with him/her and may even find the person annoying after a few exchanges of greetings. Why is this? It is because you sense a disagreeable energy field or vibe being projected by the person. Your unwillingness to associate with this person further is due to these negative energy fields.

I want to talk now about why there are Yin and Yang in the world. This is actually very simple. The Sun belongs to Yang and the Moon belongs to Yin. Men belong to Yang and women belong to Yin. Why is there sometimes a disharmony of Yin and Yang? What is the consequence of the discord? When a woman’s Yang overshadows her Yin, her personality leans towards that of a man’s. She appears determined while dealing with issues, including those at home. If the husband and the wife both have too much Yang, there are often conflict and quarrels at home. On the other hand, a woman with too much Yin often feels unwell, unhappy and talks weakly. While a man with too much Yin appears inferior and incapable of making decisions. In another words, his Yin is greater than his Yang. A family of two people with overpowering Yin can neither be decisive enough to resolve any matters, nor work together towards a solution. By maintaining an appropriate balance of Yin and Yang we can continue to improve our lives on Earth. This makes the balance of Yin and Yang important. In South Korea they also have the “The eight trigrams”, which is about Yin and Yang. Therefore, Yin and Yang need to be properly regulated.

Now I would like to talk about the reversal of Yin and Yang. Do you know whether money is of the Yin or of the Yang energy? The answer is that, money belongs to the Yin energy. In fact, everything that belongs to Yin needs to be covered. No one hangs up his money on the balcony. Money is kept in the safe, a wallet or pocket. Anything that belongs to Yin should not be exposed frequently as it can lead to troubles. For example, a person goes shopping with a thick roll of 100 dollar bills in his pocket and takes all the bills out at the cash register and hands over only a few. Everyone around looks at him and a few of them may even stalk him. Robbery may even occur. Understand? This is the difference between Yin and Yang. These days people even reverse them. A simple example is sleeping during the day and staying up at night. Traditional Chinese herbalists advocate that human organs require rest at night. A person with a reversed sleeping pattern causes illness to his organs.

Also I would like to talk about what metaphysics is. It includes fortune telling by “The Eight Characters of Birth Time”, fortune telling by feeling bones, Feng-shui, dream interpretation, face reading, palm reading and foot reading. My radio program “Fate, Fortune and Feng-shui” has been running for many, like eight, years. I have a question for you. What percentage of a person’s life does fate influence? Does anyone here know the answer? Yes, it is 40%. Let’s say a person’s entire life is 100%. Fate only controls 40% of it. The second part is fortune. Fortune controls another 40% of your life. Many (Chinese) people take their children to see a fortune teller and have been told that the child is very good. When the child grows up, he will be very fortunate and become somebody.  So when the child indeed grows up, does he become rich and fortunate as predicted? If not, then it is because fate is predetermined, but fortune is subject to change. If fortune moves to a great extent, it can affect fate. For instance, your fate is said to be very good over the next 5 years. But whether this is true will depend upon the interaction between fate and fortune, each of which account for 40% of your life. Although your fate may be very good, if you do a bad thing, your fortune may go against you. The 40% bad fortune will then overshadow the 40% fate. What matters now is Feng-shui, which accounts for the remaining 20%. When fortune and fate offset each other, Feng-shui plays a major role, at home or at work. Please note this, Feng-shui is very important but you should rely on fate and fortune first and foremost. The most flexible of these three is fortune, followed by Feng-shui. Most people only consider Feng-shui, which accounts for only 20%, but never consider changing their fortune. Fate and fortune go together. If you want to change your life, remember that fate is fixed but fortune is subject to change.

Marriage affects both fate and fortune. A person may be predicted to have a smooth life in the future, but his/her marriage can change this. How so? It is because marriage combines the fates of the spouses. If a man should have a good life, but his wife’s fate is bad. Once married his life would start to go downhill. On the other hand if a man is fated to be unfortunate, but his wife’s fate is very good, their marriage can improve her husband’s fate. You see, a woman’s fate or fortune can change her husband’s fortune. So finding a spouse is very important. You should be very careful because a good marriage can benefit you. In the old days, marriage was arranged by parents and matchmakers. Although there was no freedom, all parents would have checked the combined fate of the young couple by looking up‘The Eight Characters of Birth Time’which foretells the feasibility of the potential marriage. That is why divorce was relatively rare in the old days. Of course, it also has something to do with the social customs back in those days. Nowadays there are many “love at first sight”. Young couples get divorced as fast as they get married. This is the perplexing conflict. In a world that focuses so much on development and science, how to resolve these issues is no doubt very important.

[1] The ancient Chinese classic I Ching (Pinyin:Yi Jing) consists of the 64 possible pairs of trigrams (called “hexagrams”) and commentary on them.

Master Jun Hong Lu, President of Australia Oriental Radio, Explains The Basics of Metaphysics (Part I)