Excerpt from the Dharma convention in Sabah, Malaysia, on 17 January 2015

The two most important issues in our lives are birth and death. In the case of birth, the question is ‘where do we come from?’ We don’t know how we came into this world, nor who we were in our previous life. But in fact, the biggest issue in life that we fear most is death. Once we acknowledge that humans won’t die, we realise that we have eternal life. Once people know that as long as we live in this human world and make use of this human realm to diligently practise Buddhism, to cultivate our hearts and temperament, and to attain a spiritual level of Bodhisattva, then we need not be afraid of anything. 

The reason we feel scared is because of not knowing where we go after death. Why do we go in the wrong direction while driving? Why do we feel scared when we can’t find the route? It is because we are not familiar with it, and don’t know in which direction of the road we should be heading. As for us Buddhist practitioners, we know the road to heaven: the Western Pure Land of Amitabha Buddha and the Four Noble Realms. Once we know about this road, what else should we be scared of? Go ahead bravely, return to our hometown, to the home of our mother, Guan Yin Bodhisattva.

Know our way home