Excerpt from Master Lu’s Q&A (272), 11 December 2018

3 December 2018


On 3 December 2018, I received an order from Guan Ping Bodhisattva to make myself available at the Hall of the King of Hell. As I arrived, three Kings of Hell were there waiting for me. After paying my respect to each of them, I stood to the side as usual to watch the trials. Kneeling before them were two offenders with badly charred bodies. They had been transferred from the Hell of Copper Bed.

The King of Hell responsible for the Underworld of [Country A] pointed at the offender at the back who was quivering, and said: “When you were alive, you were a high-ranking government official. You are guilty of sexual promiscuity – of having casual intimate relations with movie and TV celebrities and women working at entertainment outlets. You were addicted to drinking, smoking and drugs, you frequented brothels, and you never behaved as an upright government official should. Even when you died, you continued to act as though you were still in the Human Realm, behaving provocatively before me and going wild with rage. Every being, whether famous or obscure, rich or poor, powerful or powerless, is never above the law. All beings are subject to the same punishments in accordance with the laws of Heaven and the Underworld.  

“Now, give your account of your punishment in the Hell of Copper Bed, so that this Heavenly Child may write it down to serve as a warning and a deterrent to future generations in the Human Realm. People with high government positions are endowed with great blessings, and as such should serve the people well. But if they do wrong and commit crimes, they will receive the same punishments in Hell as any other. If those in the Human Realm commit acts of harsh speech, make up stories or defame virtuous government officials, bear in mind that it’s always regarded as a severe deed of verbal misconduct. The Underworld keeps track of it all and metes out punishments according to the severity of the deeds committed.”

Offender A said meekly: “After I died, I was dragged off by the Underworld’s enforcement officers who were very strong and powerful. When alive, I was a man with a sturdy and strong build, but I was no match for them. I was on a dark and narrow path, and the surroundings were eerily quiet. Not long after that, I could hear many woeful cries in the distance ahead of me. Confused and scared, I followed the cries until we reached a tall, ancient city gate. Guards were waiting at the front of the gate, who opened it and dragged me through. I realised quite quickly that it was the Hell of Copper Bed, where offenders who indulged themselves in sexual promiscuity were punished.

“I was taken directly to a platform full of iron spikes. I wouldn’t call it a ‘bed’ because there was no mattress – just a solid, iron platform with large, sharp spikes protruding from the surface. I saw a label in front with my name and the name of my country on it. The thought of lying on the iron bed was unbearable, so I struggled. But a bad-tempered enforcement officer picked me up and pressed me down onto the bed forcefully, and I let out a booming cry. The pain was excruciating and unbearable as, in an instant, hundreds of iron spikes easily penetrated my back.”

Crying constantly, the offender continued: “When alive, I was pampered – how could I endure such hardship? I wailed and screamed with the pain, and soon lost track of how long I had been lying there. Suddenly, my mind was filled with lustful thoughts, and I could see the scenes of all of my promiscuous acts. That was when raging flames started to flare up from underneath the bed, which made the spikes that were embedded in my back become red-hot. My howls became even more terrified, and I began to wish that I would simply lose consciousness to avoid the torture. But it was no use: I realised there was no way to escape from the iron bed, whose red-hot spikes were now several inches deep in my burning flesh. I felt such remorse! If only I had known that Hell really did exist, I would never have committed those acts of sexual promiscuity with women. Hell is truly a place of unimaginable torture and pain!”

Next, the King of Hell responsible for the Underworld of [Country B] pointed at the offender kneeling at the front. He demanded: “Why did you take drugs? Why did you have homosexual relationships with several men? What you did was absolutely revolting. Do you realise that homosexual acts – men with men, and women with women – are grave violations of the law of nature? The Underworld regards and records it as acts of perverted sexual misconduct, and we are incredibly strict about these types of misdeeds. All the way back to our ancient past, males are considered ‘yang’, and females ‘yin’. But today, you people in the Human Realm are utterly depraved. Even sexual misconduct between men and women attracts severe punishment, so just imagine what awaits this kind of obscenity! The Underworld will not tolerate such debauchery, which is why the duration of punishment for this type of misdeed is double that of mere sexual misconduct. You have been transferred here so that our Heavenly Child can warn people in the Human Realm that Heaven and the Underworld have no tolerance whatsoever for homosexual acts.”

My deep gratitude to the Master.

Master Jun Hong Lu’s reply:

I have told you before that Buddhism forbids homosexual relationships, which is true of many other religions too. Even for an ordinary married couple, too much sexual activity is considered sexual misconduct – not to mention homosexual acts! So everyone must always be careful not to act recklessly. Bodhisattvas in both Heaven and the Underworld keep a keen eye on us. Rather, I hope you all work hard. Do not assume that things you do not know, or have never encountered, will not happen to you. Some people even fail to realise they have broken the law until they are arrested by police.

Journey to Heaven v1.C20: Watching the Trials of Offenders Who Committed Perverted Sexual Misconduct, Drug Taking and Homosexual Acts