Excerpt from Master Lu’s Q&A (262), 31 October 2018


On 30 September 2018, after paying respect to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, the statue of Guan Yin Bodhisattva radiated brilliant light. Not long after, the Bodhisattva sent a thought to me: “I will take you to observe the scenes of Hell so that the sentient beings of the Human Realm will understand the law of karma and refrain from performing filthy acts. Sexual desires breed evil. Nowadays, men and women are sinking so low in pursuit of lustful satisfaction, but in the future, they will descend into the Lower Realms. It will be too late for regrets then.”

The Hell of Icy Coldness (The Hell of Snowy Mountains): Men and women who commit deeds of sexual misconduct, those who have affairs and those who are promiscuous will be punished here.

Snow danced in the sky as the air dipped below freezing, while an icy-cold wind bellowed and howled. In this Hell, there were two or three massive snow-covered mountains, and a thick pile of snow had accumulated on the ground. In the distance, an enforcement officer, holding a whip, followed a group of offenders. The men and women, all naked, had their hands and feet cuffed with iron chains. At the front of the group, another enforcement officer dragged them forward, forcefully.

When a tired offender was unwilling to walk any further, the enforcement officer at the back used his whip to lash them. In this Hell, it was so cold that every offender’s lips were cracked and split, the offenders trembled profusely. The knee-deep snow made it almost impossible for them to trudge forward in the blistering cold. The snowy mountain was nothing short of gigantic, and after a very long journey, the offenders finally reached a guarded bridge.

When their punishment is over, the offenders will be let out of this Hell from this very point. But if their punishment term is not over, the offenders will be taken away by the enforcement officer and forced to continue walking until it is over.

At the front of the bridge, the guard spoke to me telepathically: “The female offender at the front had several affairs. That male offender was promiscuous before he married, having sexual relationships with a handful of people. Another female offender, right there, took advantage of her charms and acted promiscuously with many boyfriends, showing not a single concern for her body. When they died, they were all sent to this Hell. The more severe cases of sexual misconduct were transferred to the other great Hells – the Hell of Excrement, the Hell of Copper Pillars, and the Hell of Iron Bed. Too many modern-day men and women no longer have any sense of shame. They think promiscuity is trendy, and a value to strive for in the modern age. I can’t even imagine how many more souls will be sent here in the future. The people in the Human Realm are simply too reckless.”

The Hell of Icy Coldness (The Hell of Icicles): Women who commit deeds of sexual misconduct, those who have affairs, and those who are promiscuous will be punished here.

The air here was also extremely cold and piercing. Inside a large cavern, icicles – each 3-5 centimetres long and scattered throughout – formed upwards from the ground. I saw multiple female offenders kneeling on the ground, their faces twisted in pain and their hands tied behind their backs. An enforcement officer told me: “This is the Hell of Icicles. It’s used primarily to punish those who acted promiscuously in the Human Realm.”

He then turned to a female offender and ordered her to stand. Seeing her made me jump in fright.

The lower part of her body was covered completely in blood, while her knees were littered with open wounds. I was shocked when I realised that it was an icicle upon which she had been kneeling. The piercing of her entire lower body was her punishment. Her knees had been sliced open by other jagged icicles too – no wonder she was in such excruciating pain.

Every female offender here had acted promiscuously, such as regular one-night stands or promiscuous, alcohol-fuelled outings to nightclubs. After death, they were transferred here to be punished for the full term of their sentence.

The Hell of Iron Mountains: Women who commit deeds of sexual misconduct and perform abortions, and men who act promiscuously or instigate women to perform abortions will be punished here.

The environment in this Hell was very dark, and overshadowed by many enormous iron mountains. I heard the distant cries of infants, and when I moved closer, what I found made me jump.

The sky was filled with a countless number of floating baby spirits, all full of resentment. You can tell that the practice of abortion is common in the Human Realm.

The mountains were covered in many iron trees, while on the ground awaited a cover of countless and miniscule iron spikes. Razor-sharp spikes also grew out of the iron trees. I saw an enforcement officer pursue a group of offenders who were being continually lashed with a whip as they were forced up the iron mountain. The offenders were all wailing as the bottoms of their blood-coloured feet were constantly and repeatedly pierced by the sharp spikes. Some offenders, overcome with the pain and no longer able to stand, tried to hold onto trees for support, but their hands were also bloodied and pierced by the sharp spikes that grew out of them. Every offender was forced up the mountain, one excruciating step at a time, only to be forced to traipse back down again. It was unbearable to watch.

The enforcement officers show no leniency. If the offenders stop moving, they are immediately lashed. So they go up and come down the iron mountain over and over again until they have served the full term of their sentence. Only then may they leave this Hell.

Why is the punishment for abortion so severe – and especially for those who intended to abort their child? It’s because the spirit of the baby has no other choice other than to occupy their mother’s body after they are aborted. This leads to massive suffering for their parents, like gynaecological diseases, depression and shortened lifespan. When their mother dies, they each will go their separate ways, according to their karmic conditions. Some parents are reborn in the Human Realm, the Animal Realm or the Hell Realm, while the baby spirits have no one to help them ascend spiritually to a better realm. Therefore, they are transferred to the Hell of Iron Mountains, where they are left to roam and cry until the courts of the Underworld have finally arranged their rebirth. That’s why the punishment for those who commit sexual misconduct and abortions is so severe.

If these offenders recited the Buddha’s holy name and sincerely repented while they were still alive, even though the negative karma that has been created cannot be completely eliminated, they would still be reborn as humans after serving their time in Hell.

The majority of the offenders here, however, will be reborn in the Animal Realm after serving their time.

Master Jun Hong Lu’s reply:

They are all real. Nowadays, when I see people – both men and women – behaving like animals, I feel deep sadness. It is important to inform them about this! In the past, there was a movie called Mistress Xiang Lin, which is about a woman who married three times but ultimately suffered a great tragedy and died. She had to go to the Underworld and donate a doorsill to eliminate her sin of marrying three times. Sexual misconduct really is like playing with fire. It’s the worst of all unwholesome deeds. When you’re being chased in your dream, don’t you feel scared? When you’re being tortured in your dream, doesn’t it hurt? After you die, it will be just like the dream, and very painful. If you’re still not willing to reform your ways after learning Buddhism, you’re really asking for it.

Journey to Heaven v1.B7: The Hell of Icy Coldness (The Hell of Snowy Mountains and the Hell of Icicles); The Hell of Iron Mountains