Excerpt from Master Lu’s Q&A (260), 4 October 2018


It was 26 September 2018. That day, while paying respect to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and reciting sutras, I saw the statues of Guan Di Bodhisattva, Guan Ping Bodhisattva and Zhou Tsang Bodhisattva radiate brilliant golden light as the entire Buddhist altar was enveloped by mist. Soon after, I entered a deep slumber.

While in this state of haziness, I was taken to the Underworld and saw an enforcement officer who was wearing clothes similar to those in West Asia. He has a pot belly and unusually large eyes. He looked powerful and stern, and a small steel ring dangled from his clothes. I looked around and saw no offenders, but construction work was taking place nearby. All around, the environment was dark and dull.

In front of me, a huge oval object stood upright, with a small hole in the middle. The enforcement officer declared: “This is the Underworld’s newly constructed Hell. In the Human Realm, talk of a Hell known as the ‘Hell of the Ghost Eye’ has been circulating. In future, this will be the site to punish the people who take advantage of online communities and social media to circulate large quantities of pornographic videos and articles – especially the porn website owners. As the internet is a platform that spreads and circulates information easily and rapidly, the creation of negative karma occurs just as readily. These internet communities and groups cause countless people to descend into the Lower Realms (Evil Paths). It is considered severe negative karma.”

After he finished explaining, the enforcement officer took out a steel ring and threw it towards the hole in the middle of the massive oval object. I realised that the ring was the key for activating the Flaming Eye. Indeed, a horizontal seam appeared along the middle of the oval object, slowly revealing a massive Flaming Eye. Its black pupil fired an intensely bright and burning light straight at my forehead, making me close my eyes in fear, but my head only felt slightly hot. I opened my eyes gradually, asking the enforcement officer with curiosity: “Everything’s fine right? I only feel a bit hot.”

The officer replied: “That’s because you do not have negative karma. All you did was watch some unwholesome videos before practising Buddhism. Fortunately, you are repenting and reforming yourself while also reciting sutras and performing meritorious deeds. Otherwise, you would have already been checked in at the other Hells.”

Upon hearing that, I broke out in a cold sweat.

Soon, the Flaming Eye began changing its colour to blue, and shot out an uncountable number of silver needles towards me. I closed my eyes in fear once again, but not quickly enough to avoid my eyes being penetrated by a few of the needles. I cried out in excruciating pain, but after a second or two, the silver needles disappeared.

Scared out of my wits, I asked the officer: “I haven’t shared or circulated any unwholesome videos, why am I punished?”

He replied: “Because you created karma with your eyes. Here in the Underworld, we are fair in meting out punishments. If you think you are so good, don’t create any karma at all and you’ll have nothing to fear even in Hell. Who else can you blame but yourself? It’s only because you’re reciting sutras, repenting and ceasing your unwholesome activities that your negative karma isn’t severe. That’s why it only hurt for a couple of seconds.”

After learning Buddhism, I told the Bodhisattva that I would no longer watch that kind of unwholesome videos or fictions, and I’ve also been reciting the Eighty-Eight Buddhas Great Repentance to repent of my wrongdoings.

 “A single Flaming Eye can punish a lot of souls,” the enforcement officer continued. “The light automatically stops only after the unwholesome activities perpetrated by the souls have ceased in the Human Realm, with porn websites no longer on the internet and their groups disbanded or vanished.”

Hearing this, I was horrified. Just one or two seconds is already unbearable, but those souls will undergo the burning pain and penetration of the silver needles for so long. That is truly terrifying.

The officer retrieved the steel ring, and the Flaming Eye closed and shut itself down. He pointed towards a nearby elevator, saying: “You may return to the Human Realm now.”

I hurried towards the elevator, pressing the number “1” like always. The door closed, and when it opened again, I was awake.

Master Jun Hong Lu’s reply:

You can confirm to her that it is all real. As I’ve said many times before, you shouldn’t watch anything obscene on the internet – it’s very troublesome. Many young people who watch these things will, upon their death, be sent to these kinds of Hell. Every single Hell was constructed according to the unwholesome deeds that those in the Human Realm have committed. For whatever sin one commits, there will be a special kind of Hell related to that misdeed.

Journey to Heaven v1.B5: The Hell of Flaming Eye