Excerpt from Master Lu’s Q&A (259), 29 September 2018


On 12 September 2018, when I was at the Guan Yin Citta Centre paying respect to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, I saw that the statues of the Bodhisattvas suddenly radiating brilliant golden light that enveloped the entire altar. Soon after, the Bodhisattva conveyed a thought message to me: “Attention disciple. In a moment, the Dharma Protectors will take you on a trip down to Hell.”

After paying my respect and returning home to relax, I felt that my whole body had become light. My soul was being lifted away by the Dharma Protectors, and before long I arrived at the entrance of the Underworld.

The Hell of Eye Shock:  Men and women who use their eyes to commit sexual misconduct will be punished here.

At the entrance of this Hell were two guards, who opened the gates and let me in. I was walking on a vacant high ground, while a huge flat land lay below. The environment was dark and chilly, and there were many offenders, both men and women. Some appeared to be in a trance, while others were obviously in pain. In the Hell’s sky, I could see many instruments of torture. Upon closer inspection, the devices appeared to be various books, tablet computers, smartphones, computers (including modern and older-style ones from 1998) and television sets. They floated ominously around the offenders’ heads.

These instruments were used to punish the souls for their lustful thoughts.

In the Human Realm, people regard pornography as a kind of entertainment, but fail to realise that when these negative karmic seeds are sowed into their mind, they eventually mature into negative karmic fruit. If the person fails to perform wholesome deeds while living, they will be transferred to this Hell. Only by reciting sutras, paying respect to the Buddha, performing many wholesome and meritorious deeds and repenting and reforming themselves will they be able to halt the maturation of this negative karma.

A notebook floated above the head of a middle-aged male offender. Initially, his face showed signs of intoxication, but when the notebook opened, laser beams shot outwards, penetrating the offender’s eyes. He shrieked and howled with pain and his whole body froze up. The laser torture lasted for 7-8 minutes, rendering the offender unconscious once it was finally switched off. His whole body was burnt, smoking and left on the ground, and the notebook quietly floated away.

The Dharma Protector explained: “Sins are born of the mind! Whatever tool is used to commit sexual misconduct when alive, such as computers, notebooks or porn magazines, they will be recreated in your consciousness to punish you upon death. These souls have been watching unwholesome things consistently; hence they have been accumulating unwholesome deeds all the while. However, because their deeds of sexual misconduct were quite minimal, they were transferred to this particular Hell.”

The Dharma Protector led me to the elevator to the Human Realm. As I entered, the door closed, and when it opened, I woke up in the Human Realm.

On 17 September 2018, when I was at the Guan Yin Citta Centre paying respect to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, I saw the Buddhist altar become enveloped by a gentle wave of cloud and mist. In the air, a display appeared that expanded to the size of the whole altar.

Suddenly, I received a thought message from the Dharma Protector: “Attention disciple. You must share your observations of the Hell Realm with the living. I will first take you to see the Hell associated with negative verbal karma.”

After a short while, my consciousness entered a half-awake, dreamlike state.

The Hell associated with negative verbal karma: People who commit deeds of harsh speech, divisive speech, defamation of good advisors or sowing dissension among people will be punished here.

A female soul was forced to kneel on the ground, her hands tied behind her back and her face expressing an unwillingness to submit.

An enforcement officer used tools to pry open her mouth and pulled her tongue out so violently that it almost tore. Crying from the pain, she was unable to struggle free as she was locked in position by the enforcement officer. He took a stake and pinned the tip of her tongue to the ground. Made to kneel while her tongue was pinned down, the offender was unable to speak or even move. Many offenders received their punishment in this way.

Another offender, tied up on a platform, shouted and cried out in terror. An enforcement officer took a torture instrument that had been heated red hot, and just like before, violently pulled out this offender’s tongue but this time sliced it off. The man wept and cried in agony.

The enforcement officer said: “When this man was alive, he was fond of making dirty jokes and telling untruths about Buddhists. These are heavy negative verbal karma. He was sent to Hell after his death. Now that his tongue is detached, let’s see how he manages to commit negative verbal karma again.”

Each day, the offender’s tongue regenerates and regrows to its original form, only for the enforcement officer to repeat the same punishment for the duration of the offender’s imprisonment.

Soon, I woke up.

Master Jun Hong Lu’s reply:

This person really is incredible – everything she said is real. It’s really scary. That’s why prestigious and virtuous monastics or lay practitioners don’t speak casually. When you go to a temple, meeting with a senior monk or a nun, if you speak and explain a lot of things to them, they will only reply with the holy name, “Amitabha”. They will not speak much about worldly matters. Karma is created when the mouth opens. The suffering is unfathomable. Don’t regret it once it’s too late! Be awakened soon. There’s nothing else to say. Do not watch pornography. We are humans – we mustn’t watch animalistic things, it’s disgusting. After one’s spirituality has reached a higher level, they will gradually and naturally become uninterested in such things. Animals don’t wear clothes, so why don’t you look at them instead? If we humans were lowered to the level of, say, sheep, then it’s only natural for a sheep to look at other sheep. As a human, will you be interested in watching sheep? Everybody must understand these principles. Don’t mess around.

Journey to Heaven v1.B4: The Hell of Eye Shock and the Hell Associated with Negative Verbal Karma