Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Dharma Convention
Hong Kong
22 June 2014

Once upon a time, a wealthy man put three slices of watermelon of different sizes of in front of a young man. The wealthy man asked, “If these three slices size of the watermelon represents the benefits of varying degrees, which slice would you like to choose?”

Without hesitation, the young man grabbed the largest slice and began eating. However, the wealthy man took the smallest one but finished it sooner than the young man did, so he took the last slice of watermelon and continued eating. At this moment, the young man suddenly realised that although the slices the wealthy man ate were not big, the amount combined was more than his.

The same applies to the way we conduct ourselves. Only when we learn to let go of the immediate benefits can we gain long-term benefits. As Buddhists, we should learn to sacrifice our own interests and give readily to others. In this way, we will truly gain what we deserve.

Inspirational Stories: The Three Slices of Watermelon