Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Dharma Convention
Hong Kong
22 June 2014

One morning, a man was looking everywhere for his watch but he could not find it. He was very anxious. As he was going to be late for work he left the house and he wondered to himself, “What’s happening? Why couldn’t I find my watch?”

After the father left, his son entered his dad’s room. The son immediately found the watch. When the father returned home, the child said to him, “Dad, I found the watch for you!” “How did you find it?” The father asked. The child said, “I sat quietly in your room and I heard the ticking of the watch.”

Isn’t the same in life? We live in anxiety every day, frequently asking ourselves “What should I do?” But, we fail to find the answer. We Buddhists can only hear our inner voice when we calm ourselves down. This inner voice is what guides us to the true real purpose of life.

Inspirational Stories: Listening to the Ticking Watch