Master Jun Hong Lu’s
Dharma Convention
Hong Kong
22 June 2014

Once a child asked the teacher, “Teacher, can water flow to the sky?” The teacher answered, “Water always flows downwards; this is the law of nature”.

The child then asked, “If water can’t flow to the sky, where does rain come from?”

The teacher answered, “The rain in the sky is the water that flows from the ground to the sky, and of course, it won’t flow directly to the sky, but when the water evaporates into vapor, it will rise into the sky and condense into liquid. It will then it will become the rain in the sky”.

Master wants to tell everyone: In this world, when we are unable to change an environment, a situation or a kind of natural limitation, we can change ourselves like how water which changes its form; we can change our state of mind, just like the water flowing to the sky, and create a miracle!

Inspirational Stories: Be Like Water