Article 2:

Master Lu’s words of wisdom 2015/12/13


As Buddhist practitioners who have found the Dharma, we start adopting a vegetarian diet, reciting sutras and observing the Precepts. But very often, we are being looked down upon and ridiculed by others.  To them, we are the foolish ones as the only thing that matters to us is to help others. Therefore, it is not easy to stand our ground as a Buddhist practitioner.

There are many misconceptions in this world.  If everyone thinks it’s a bad thing, we may end up accepting this view.  But we Buddhist practitioners cannot be like this and simply follow the crowd.  We have to understand that Dharma is the truth, and we should not take others’ mockery seriously. Instead, we should stand firm in our faith and let others see the Buddha and Bodhisattva in ourselves.  If we cannot change others, change ourselves first.
The impact of a role model is boundless. Try to become a Buddha, then people will surely look up to us as one no matter where we are.

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