My daughter is 6 years old and she had suffered from eczema since birth. After I was introduced to Guan Yin Citta and Master Lu, I started to practise Buddhism. At the beginning, although I performed life liberation for my daughter continuously, I did not recite much Little House for my daughter’s karmic creditors. Instead, I focused on reciting Little Houses (a combination of Buddhist scriptures) for my aborted children as they all showed up in my dream. This June, my family attended Master Lu’s dharma convention in Hong Kong. My daughter’s eczema symptoms worsened and the red patches covered many parts of her body. It had never been completely cured, so she suffered from the reoccurrence. Even though we had already visited many specialists from many famous hospitals in Beijing, we were never able to find an effective cure. The doctors said that my daughter’s eczema was caused by allergy. The medical examination showed that she was allergic to milk, pork, egg, seafood, jam and preservatives. Her situation was better when she stayed away from these types of food, but once she had something inappropriate such as mongo, the allergic reactions would occur and the itching was unbearable. It was such a pain to see my daughter suffer like this.

Before we left for Hong Kong for Master Lu’s dharma convention, my daughter had a very severe reoccurrence. Skin was peeling nearly all over her body. During the dharma convention, I asked her to bow to Guan Yin Bodhisattva 108 times every day and to recite the Great Compassionate Mantra and the Heart Sutra. Meanwhile, I made a vow to offer 87 Little Houses to her karmic creditors, release 4000 fishes in 2 years, and donate RMB 10,000 to support the printing of Buddhist materials. I had a dream on my way back home. In the dream, I was taking a taxi and the driver asked me to pay RMB 200. I said to him that it normally cost only RMB 100, but the driver insisted that I pay RMB 200. After I woke up, I realized that 87 Little Houses might not be enough. Therefore, I made a vow to offer 200 Little Houses.

As my daughter still had itching all over her body, I took her to the hospital. Instead of giving us a prescription, the doctor asked us to put the lotion (which was already prescribed) on my daughter’s body, and to do a blood test. Test result would be released after a week. During that week, I recited Little Houses for my daughter’s karmic creditors, and recited the Great Compassionate Mantra and the Heart Sutra for her 3 times per day, and the 88 Buddhas Great Repentant once per day. After three days, we found that my daughter’s symptoms were gone and the skin became smooth. My husband also found it incredible and started to recite Buddhist scriptures ever since.

My daughter’s eczema has been cured all of a sudden and she hasn’t experienced any allergic reactions even when she has egg, orange or crackers. The doctor also say that she could get vaccinated now. Her situation has been very stable and she can have milk and seaweed. No words could express my gratitude towards Guan Yin Bodhisattva and Master Lu. I will be committed to practising Buddhism, to repenting of my previous mistakes, and to helping more people by introducing Buddhism to them.

Inspirational Stories 109 Guan Yin Citta helps cure my daughter’s chronic eczema