Three men came across a chain bridge over a steep valley. Of them, one was blind, one was deaf, and the other had good sight and hearing. They all had the same intention of crossing the bridge. They were high up in the air and grasped the iron chain as they crossed. In the end, the blind person and the deaf person crossed the bridge successfully, but the other man fell off the bridge.

Was the man without a disability not as capable as the two others? He was actually so smart that he overestimated himself.

The blind man said, “Because I couldn’t see, I didn’t know how high the bridge was and the associated dangers. Therefore, I took calm and slow steps and eventually got to the other side.”

The deaf person said: “Because I couldn’t hear the roaring river and waves crashing beneath me, I was less frightened.”

This is the same for Buddhist practitioners. We should neither be hesitant, nor should we overestimate our own abilities, thinking we know everything. That is why a person who seems to know everything becomes schizophrenic. That’s why the more we know, the more worries we have.

Inspirational Short Stories: Three Men Crossing a Bridge