There was a snail who seemed to be on bad terms with a frog. One day the frog couldn’t help but ask, “Mr Snail, what did I do to annoy you so much?” The snail replied, “You have four legs and can hop around, whereas I can only crawl on the ground with my heavy shell.” The frog responded, “You know, everyone has their own problems. You can only see my happiness and not my pain.”

At that time, a giant eagle dived down from the sky. The snail immediately hid in its shell, while the frog was eaten by the eagle.

If we do not compare our lives with others, we will live a comfortable life. Comparisons are odious. That’s why we should not be comparing ourselves with others. For instance, imagine you felt content living in a house with a living room and two bedrooms when you first landed in the US. However, after attending a party in someone else’s mansion, you then become enamoured with the idea of buying a mansion. As a result, you will work two or three part time jobs to buy it.

How do people find themselves caught in this trap? Well, because of their constant greed and desire. You will find peace of mind if you stop comparing yourself with others. Jealousy brings about pain and sadness. Be content with what you have, then you will be more grateful and happy.

Inspirational Short Stories: The Snail and the Frog