In Thailand, there was once a young woman who cultivated Buddhism. She met an eminent monk, who gave her a talisman and predicted, “you will reincarnate with this talisman and become a very successful businessperson.”

The woman gripped the talisman tight in her hands before she died and was buried with the talisman. Half a year later, her younger sister got pregnant for the first time, despite having married a decade ago. The baby was born with a talisman in her right hand. Surprisingly, it looked identical to her aunt’s talisman. The baby’s parents were shocked. They opened the coffin and found that the aunt’s talisman was gone. Since the graveyard was private property and no one had touched the coffin, it was impossible for it to have been stolen.

Without any doubt, the baby was her aunt’s reincarnation as per the monk’s prediction. They named the baby Dalada. When Dalada grew up, she looked just like her deceased aunt. As soon as the news became public, the media around Thailand went to pay a visit.

The baby started to walk when she was eight months old. At 14 months old, she started to talk. She sounded like an adult, bossing others around. After she turned twenty-two, her business expanded threefold because in her past life, she made a vow, “I will reincarnate with the talisman and run a bigger business.” Her character and appearance were a lot like the deceased aunt, and she even brought the items she was buried with in her past life with her. Her story caused a sensation around the country.

The moral of the story is that we as a Buddhist must use the power of vow. Regardless of what happens, be it cancer or bankruptcy, you must have faith, which will become your driving force. A person’s faith can create miracles. As a matter of fact, a person’s improvement starts when they believe in themselves. Believe that you can change, and you will be filled with motivation.

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