One day, a young man visited a sage. He asked: “Master, which is the most important day of our life? Is it the day of our birth or death? Or is it the day we fall in love or the day we become successful?”

The sage answered, “The most important day in our life is today.” The young man asked, “Why?”

The sage added, “Because today is the only wealth we possess. No matter how many valuable memories and glorious achievements you had in the past, they are all gone. No matter how successful one will be in the future, it is yet to happen. No matter how ordinary and grim our life is today, it is in our hands and under our control.”

The young man wanted to question, but the sage added: “While we discussed the importance of today, we have wasted a lot of time and there’s not much time left today.”

Today is our only asset and it is also our only chance. What we have to do is forget about the past, let go of the future and make the best of today.

According to the Diamond Sutra, “The mind of the past cannot be obtained, the mind of the present cannot be obtained, and the mind of the future cannot be obtained.”

Inspirational Short Stories: The Most Important Day of Our Life