A horse was constantly harassed by a wolf which wanted to catch it as prey. The horse felt so desperate that it turned to a hunter for help, “Could you kill the wolf, please?” The hunter said, “I will help you under one condition; you must allow me to ride on you. In addition, I will put a rein around your neck and a bit in your mouth.” The horse said, “Fine, I will do anything as long as you help me!” The hunter rode on the horse and killed the wolf.

The horse asked, “Now that the wolf is dead, can you take the rein and bit off me, please?” The hunter replied,” Absolutely not! Now you have become my horse and you’re under my control.”

The same thing happens in our society. When we ask other people for help, we become under their control. When practising Buddhism, we should learn to be self-reliant, independent, and confident. Those who persist in learning Buddhism will show great diligence, while those who fail to practise Buddhism will lack self-confidence. For those who change their mind constantly, it will be difficult for them to practise Buddhism well.

Remember, when practising Buddhism, we should learn to be self-reliant and take our own initiative. Those who can persist in learning Buddhism will be empowered with diligence.

Inspirational Short Stories: Self-Reliance and Confidence is the Key to Success