There was a Colonel in the military who proved his valour by achieving victories in countless battles and was later promoted to General by the President. One day, when he was debriefing the President, he said, “Mr President, I brought some loot from our enemies for myself after the battle, but I could not bring it in at the border. Could you please help me out?”

The President said, “Just make a list.” The General handed him the list. The President quickly signed the paper and added a few words to it. The General was very excited, yet he saw the President referring to him as “Colonel” instead of “General”. The General was puzzled, “Mr President, I think you’re mistaken. I am a General.” The President said to him, “No, I’m not. This is perfectly correct. This is what we call an exchange. “

You get what you work for. If you get what you are not supposed to get, what you pay in exchange will be worth far more than what you get.”

Inspirational Short Stories: Fair Exchange