Once upon a time, a donkey accidentally fell into an abandoned well. The farmer thought of every possible way to rescue it. After a long while, the donkey was still wailing inside the well. Finally, the farmer decided to give up because the donkey was too old. He felt it was not worth the effort. To prevent other donkeys from falling into the well, the farmer decided to fill up the well. As a result, the farmer asked around for help, and the neighbours came to help fill the well and bury the donkey.

The people kept filling the well with soil and dirt. When the donkey realised what they were doing, it cried bitterly. After a while, it stopped crying, and stayed quiet. The donkey shook off every shovel of mud and dirt and stood on top of it, one step after another. Gradually, several hours later, the donkey reached the surface, and to everyone’s astonishment, it hurried away.

In the process of learning Buddhism, we will get caught up in affliction and confusion. We feel as if we are trapped in an abandoned well with dirt being poured on us. If we want to be free of our troubles and difficulties, the secret is to shake off the dirt and let go of our desires. Refrain from being greedy and jealous of other people, then we will be able to eliminate our worries, achieve the realm of the Buddha and live fearlessly in our own Pure Land.

Inspirational Short Stories: A Donkey’s Escape from a Well