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How to eliminate the unhealthy mentality of being sad when seeing others succeed?

Caller: Master Lu has mentioned multiple times that nowadays people have a bad mentality: they feel sad when seeing others doing better than them. Equally, when seeing those who are worse than them, they feel happy. How can one eradicate this kind of unhealthy mentality?

Master Lu: Be compassionate. When you see others succeed, you can feel that it was not easy for them to have achieved it. It is not easy for anyone to attain any sort of fame, status, or wealth. Be happy for others and have Dharma joy. This is a particularly high level of spiritual cultivation. 
For example, when a mother gives birth to a son, many people would envy her and say ‘Oh, your family got a son.’ 
Why can’t their family give birth to a son? Those who can’t give birth to a son would then be jealous. Should we be jealous? The mother also had to endure pregnancy for ten months. She might even have vomited severely during her second and third months of pregnancy, right? This is how it works.

How to eliminate the mentality of being sad when seeing others succeed?