An excerpt from Master Jun Hong Lu’s Public Talk in Singapore
April 23, 2016


In this world, no matter how intelligent, wealthy or powerful a person is, they will lack judgement when they are in a state of anger.  Let me share a tip with you – the next time you are outraged, when you think that “I must let it out!”, the best way is to wait for one minute.  This is because a person will lose all of his judgement when he is outraged, and this ability will only return to its normal state after one minute.

So, the next time you are at the verge of an argument with your spouse, look at your watch and do not say a word.  After one minute, put it down and you will say, “There is no way that I am going to fight with you.  I am a Buddhist practitioner, I have regained my senses”.

Please remember never make any major decision when you are in a state of outrage, as you will regret it for the rest of your life.