Words of Wisdom Volume 9

人一生成長的過程,就是戰勝自我、去除劣根性的一生。 In the process of growing,the main concern is how to overcomeegoism and dig up the roots of evil. —————————— 知無常,才能離無常。 Only by knowing what impermanenceis can you be free from it. —————————— 遲到的懺悔,也是在改變中。 Even belated repentanceis a sure sign

Words of Wisdom Volume 8

繁華人生蘊藏著悲哀,幸福之中孕育著煩惱。 Behind affluence lurks sadness,while happiness breeds afflictions. ————————————– 淨空無為,到達無餘涅槃。 With pure emptiness and non-action,one attains the‘nirvana without remainder ’. ————————————– 做任何事情要沒有私心,心胸坦蕩,對別人無所求,在人間做事就會有智慧。 In whatever we do, we must refrain frombeing selfish; we must be open-mindedand desire nothing from others.Then we

Words of Wisdom Volume 7

善的東西都記著,惡的東西都忘記;境界提高後,要善惡都忘記。 We must remember wholesome things andforget all unwholesome things.However, once our level of spirituality hasadvanced, we should forget both wholesomeand unwholesome things. ——————————- 人的心最重要,心是代表接受外在環境影響的產物,心性是內在的本性;心性好才會順利,把毛病修掉就合二為一了。心性好,求什麼都靈;求得不靈,就是心還沒有純潔到位。 People’s mindsare their most important feature.They are the products of the externalinfluences that we are

Words of Wisdom Volume 6

學會在人間吃苦忍耐,你就會得到幸福。 Those who learn to endure sufferingand exercise forbearance in this worldattain happiness. ——————————– 人間留一點遺憾並不是一件壞事,人生需要一些經驗教訓。 A fall in the pit, a gain in the wit.It is not always bad in life to experiencea little regret. ——————————– 功德儲存消業障,功力增長變能量。 The accumulation of

Words of Wisdom Volume 5

學佛修心,要以開悟為宗旨,用善心消除內心的惡念,用善緣消除自己的惡緣,用善念讓自己放下萬緣。 Enlightenment should be the objective ofpractising Buddhism andcultivating the mind.We must practise kindness and remove evilthoughts from our minds, replace negativerelationships with positive ones,and use wholesome thoughtsto let go of all karmic affinities. ——————————– 學佛人有了成績要馬上忘掉,這樣才不會有煩惱;有了錯誤要馬上記住,這樣才不會重蹈覆轍;有了困難要尋找智慧,才能迎刃而解。我們做人可以不聰明,但不能糊塗;可以不偉大,但不能懈怠;可以跌倒,但不能不爬起來。 As Buddhist practitioners, we

Words of Wisdom Volume 4

錢是可以賺到的,而慧命是靠悟的。 Money can be earned, but spiritual lifecan only be attained through awakening. —————————— 智者識途,愚者迷途。 The wise know the way whereasthe ignorant lose their way. —————————— 人就是靠著忍辱,來越過人生一個個障礙。 We, as human beings,rely on forbearance to surmountone hindrance after another in life.

Words of Wisdom Volume 3

“菩薩畏因,眾生畏果”,敬畏因果的人可以讓社會充滿和諧與寬容。 Bodhisattvas fear causes, whereas sentientbeings fear consequences.Those who treat the law of karma withrespect and awe will bring harmony andtolerance to our society. ———————————– 了斷生死,從慈悲智慧開始。 Liberation from the shackles of death andrebirth begins with compassion and wisdom. ———————————– 尋找本性的純潔,會發現原有的慈悲。

Words of Wisdom Volume 2

你要知道河水深不深,丟個石子進去,看看河水深不深。喜歡賣弄的人,就像石子丟在淺水處,會激起浪花;謙虛的人,就像石子丟在深水中,是沒有聲音的。 To test how deep the water is,simply throw in a stone.People who brag about themselvesare like a stone hitting shallow water;they make a big splash.Modest people are always silent,just like a stone thrown into deep water. —————————————- 學佛人要有自性,否則就像一面牆,一推就倒。 As

Words of Wisdom Volume 1

學佛人要懂得愛眾生、愛國家、愛人民,慈悲和諧,這是一種善緣。 A positive affinity is formed when we,as Buddhist practitioners, show love for allsentient beings, our countries,and our fellow citizens, and when we arecompassionate and peaceful. 人應當自做皈依,皈依自性三寶,自己皈依自己的佛、法、僧,佛在心中,法在行中,僧在戒中。 We should take refuge in the Triple Gemof our own nature the Buddha,the