Sentient beings don’t understand the law of cause and effect, that’s why they perform evil deeds. When you yell at others, speak ill of others, mistreat others or roll your eyes,you are committing negative karma, you are causing harm to other people.  After committing negative karma, karmic retribution will take effect. That’s when people start to feel scared and painful. “Why does he treat me like this?”. You’ll realise how many times you have bullied him when looking back all these years. In the end, he chooses to leave you.  You feel sad and painful. The pain you suffer now is the result of your own behaviour accumulated every day.

There was a true story that happened in Australia. There were two neighbours, 74-year-old and a 78-year-old, who had a quarrel over a fence between their houses.  Today one of them moved the fence over to get more space, his neighbour pushed it back the next day. Then he pushed it over, the neighbour did the same,  again and again. Their hatred accumulated day after day. Eventually, a fight broke out.  One of them hit his neighbour with a shovel and killed the neighbour. Do you think their hostility was formed in a day?

Therefore, the accumulation of kindness is a prolonged process, so is the accumulation of evil deeds. Don’t do evil with others at will. Don’t bring harm to others. Since you fear suffering, you must not create the cause by harming others.

Many a time, when some of you are harmed by others, you would sigh, “I am speechless”. You would even lament and ask the Heavens, “Why me? Why me?”. I would like to add a few words on top, “Why did I create the cause?” “Creating the cause” is exactly the reason. If you didn’t create the cause, why would you ask the Heavens? You sow the seeds, so shall you reap.

It’s like an incurable illness which can’t be cured by a doctor. Is the doctor to blame? When an alcoholic is diagnosed with liver cancer, the doctor performs a surgery, prescribes medicine and treatments. The doctor advises the patient to quit alcohol. However the patient couldn’t resist the temptation and start drinking again. Soon, the patient’s health deteriorates and he sees the doctor again. His condition deteriorates further and eventually dies.

For this seemingly incurable illness, do you think it’s the doctor’s fault or because the patient fails to cooperate?

Today I’m teaching you Buddha-dharma and telling you to be a kind person.

I’m doing my best to educate you. If you cannot overcome your problems like greed, hatred, delusion, arrogance and suspicion. How can I possibly save you? Can you blame your Master if you make no improvement? “Yes, I am stingy, I just couldn’t get out of the blind alley”. “Yes, I am stubborn”.  Think about it, it all boils down to your attitude. It is you who harms your body. It is you who harms your soul.

Many people have another shortcoming. They always question “why me?” when tragedy strikes. “What have I done to deserve this?” Isn’t it common?

Think about your previous lives and also your present life when you are undergoing suffering. How many good deeds have you done in your previous lives? How many good deeds have you done in your current life? You’ll soon understand why you suffer. If you have committed a lot of evil deeds, these evil deeds have formed into negative karma and become karmic debts. These karmic obstacles are like explosives. They will explode eventually.

We need to take control of our own life and destiny to awaken and to liberate ourselves.  Be mindful of our speech, mind and conduct. Refrain from creating bad causes. When you argue with someone, that creates a cause.  When you argue with your neighbour, that creates another cause. When you argue the third time, another bad cause is formed.  If you keep going, you will form a negative affinity with people. These negative affinities won’t go away overnight. Eventually, they will break out and lead to disastrous outcomes. You will suffer tremendously when karmic retributions come into effect. Therefore, those who truly want to be liberated would never benefit themselves at the expense of others. You should always lend a helping hand to others. Sometimes you work hard for a bit of money, fame and self-interests. In fact, let go of these things if you can, let it be if you can, learn to compromise if you can. This is to protect our spiritual life.This is to sow a good cause.   

BHFF 9: Wisdom is about preventing negative affinities from ripening (3/3)