We often hear from Buddhist stories that someone has attained Arhathood.  They have actually attained a certain level of realisation, a kind of awakening. If you cultivate to a state of non-outflow (uncontaminated), and you mustn’t allow your merit and virtue to leak away, then you succeed. There are something that you should eliminate. You must eliminate all your afflictions, let all your suffering leak away until there’s none of it left, eradicate all your desires. So you cultivate ceaselessly and in the end, you will gain the clear light of the mind. It is luminous like a dot, just like a ray of light, a sphere. You have a sphere of wisdom light. This is the clear light of the mind. We call it a point of clarity in Buddhism. This point of clarity is the inner light of one’s mind. “I can resolve any matter,I can solve any problem”. This point of clarity is the light of your wisdom. As time passes, you will be able to discern with your eyes, “This is a good person, that is a bad person”. “This is a good thing to do, that is not a good thing to do”, then you will have light within your heart. This light is a point of clarity. This point of clarity allows you to see the Buddha light of your ninth consciousness.  You will see the true nature of your mind, you will approach everything in this world with equanimity. When you feel that nothing matters to you in this world, your points of light and clarity will accumulate and grow into a bigger and greater mass. Once these points of light and clarity amass into substantial wisdom, a significant amount of Prajna wisdom, there will be a halo above your head. Many people don’t know why Bodhisattvas have rings of light surrounding their heads.  Those are their amassed points of light and clarity, those are their halos. That is the crystallisation of their wisdom, crystallisation of Prajna wisdom. With this light of your Prajna wisdom, your spirit will be able to ascend to higher realms.  That means your soul is able to travel to the Four Sagely Realms. You do not compete for anything in this world. You do not fight to grab anything in this world. You are able to resolve all the worldly afflictions. You are able to travel to the Four Sagely Realms.  Though you still exist in this world, your consciousness is already liberated.  Your consciousness has entered the Four Sagely Realms. You have become a Bodhisattva, an Arhat, a Buddha.

There are times when we wish we could ascend to Heaven,but we could only do so in our dreams. If you dream that you are in Heaven, it might be your Dharma body; If others dream about you, it could also be your Dharma body. If you can see your human body, that is the “Retribution body”.  You then see your “Transformation body” become your “Dharma body”. Then slowly you use your wisdom to ascend to the Bodhisattvas’ level, that of the Four Sagely Realms.  That means you are able to see your true nature.

In neither existence nor non-existence, are you a human or a Bodhisattva here on Earth?  Others say they don’t know. Based on the way you behave and things you do, if people call you a Bodhisattva because you are always helping others. You are not petty-minded about gain and loss, you are tolerant, you are able to work for the benefit of others, you are a Bodhisattva. So if you say you are a Bodhisattva, why do you have a body? You are human being after all. Why is your level of spirituality as high as a Bodhisattva? Then are you actually a human or a Bodhisattva? Neither existence nor non-existence; neither the mind nor the Buddha, this is the elevation of your level of consciousness. There are some good people, you no longer see them as ordinary people. This kind-hearted person is doing good deeds all day, always helping people. He no longer seems like an ordinary person, he is a saint. That’s the idea.  His high spirit cheers you up, makes you feel happy, blessed, no words could ever describe it. That’s a kind of feeling like Guan Yin Bodhisattva who helps us and cares for us. It is not something we can express in words and it is neither completely a kind of feeling. We feel grateful from the bottom of our heart, because when we pray for even a small favour, The Bodhisattva answers our prayers. So there are no words that we can use to describe and comprehend the Bodhisattva’s boundless compassion and loving care for us. Those who cultivate must understand what wisdom is. If you don’t understand wisdom you will gradually depart from wisdom; If you don’t understand what compassion is you will gradually become cruel; If you don’t know how to help others then gradually you will be unable to help yourself.  So we must learn to skilfully apply Buddhism in our daily live and transform it into wisdom. The Dharma is the best of human wisdom. It can help us overcome all our mental disturbances.

BHFF 15: Neither existence nor non-existence; Cultivate the inner light of your mind (1/3)