This is why we have to contemplate and see the emptiness of the Five Aggregates. Do not allow your worldly thoughts to hinder your intrinsic Buddha-nature. Instead we should shine the light on it, to see it and to remove it, to see through them and rise above them. For instance, you plan to do a good deed today and you thought, “But I have no time”. That’s fine, as long as you emulate Guan Yin Bodhisattva in doing good deeds. You will overcome your lack of time. Today you said, “I will go help my neighbours out”, but someone in your family might dislike this neighbour and they gave you a piece of their mind, but you thought, “I should still help them, because I am a Buddhist practitioner”. You remove all the distractions around you, including those in your mind. ‘To contemplate and see means’ to shine a light and see through the reality, Illuminate the emptiness of the Five Aggregates, you are allowing the Buddha’s light and energy in you to be integrated with your conduct.  Only through this, you can stay resolute in practising The Way.  People say, “It’s not difficult to do good deeds”, the challenge lies in persisting in doing good their whole life, in addition to abstaining from evil deeds.

Hence, in the promoting of Dharma, one must know to persevere with diligence and a just cause will receive extensive support. Others will come along to help.  When you practise Buddhism, others will support you, think highly of you and they will respect you. You will have people help you in times of need. Hence, we should increase our virtues and blessings when spreading the Dharma.

I often tell you that Buddhist practitioners need to be blessed with good fortune, lacking which they will not be able to practise Buddhism. Many people abandon themselves to a life of pleasure and squander their time. How can they have the blessings to hear the Dharma? When they are in distress, they don’t know the way out. Just like many youngsters who suffer setbacks in their relationships. They can only seek refuge in internet cafes and on their blogs to help them kill time and alleviate their pain. This is a sign that they lack virtues and blessings. How does blessing come about? It is through helping and forming positive affinities with others. That’s how you accrue blessings. How does virtue come about? It is through respecting others always telling the truth, be a good friend to others and be at the service of sentient beings.  To be able to help others makes you a virtuous person.

To a Buddhist practitioner, this altruistic and unseen power facilitates their good cause. This is the invisible unseen power that helps them. Take a look at a Buddhist practitioner: there are always people who want to help them, and other people may not be so lucky. Why is that so? Because they only care about themselves, drowning themselves in their own selfishness and never once think of helping others.

All things are created by the mind. If you are sincerely helping others today that makes you a kind-hearted person. If you perform small acts of kindness daily, 365 days, you will have 365 sparkles and kindness, which will suffice to make you a good person. Instead, if you perform some minor bad deeds daily, you will fill yourself up with evil and you will emerge a bad person.

How do we achieve purity of mind? As a spiritual cultivator, we have to aim to cultivate a pure mind, as only then will the evil thoughts and erroneous views from the outside, including those improper matters, not get the chance to intrude and meddle with our mind. This is when purity of mind is found.

BHFF 11: Illuminating and Seeing the Emptiness of the Five Aggregates (3/3)