In fact, to give up on our desires is to give up on the many irritabilities and greed in our life,and return to our inherent nature and our inner peace. What does “return” mean in this context? Firstly, you have to cure yourselves of greed, hatred and ignorance. If a person does not perform acts of kindness, they will incline towards doing evil over time. Thus, it is important that we must endeavour to do good. Not only must we do good deeds, but we must also promote mutual interaction of our innate Buddha-nature, that is a rational kind of interaction built on the fundamentals of altruism, universal love and compassion. When there’s interaction with others in such a manner, you will witness your own Buddha-nature.

We have to learn to witness our Buddha-nature through guarding our bodily actions, speech and thoughts. Today, when you aspire to be a Buddha, will you reflect upon yourself to see if you were able to guard your speech? If  your thoughts were pure? Unwholesome thoughts will disable you to attain Buddha-hood or Bodhisattva-hood. Your behaviour will demonstrate your  integrity and reveal whether you are noble or ignoble. Hence, your speech and your conduct will determine if others look up to or disdain you.

Buddhism teaches us how to gradually achieve a state of calmness. All of us must learn to settle our minds, to calm our mind, so we know that whoever propagates the dharma will be ingenious in their means. When they help others today, they will have the skilful approach of the Bodhisattva. This is because when a person is able to help others, they will always be equipped with ingenious methods,  and their approach to liberating sentient beings will be skillful. This is especially important when we know that others are suffering or in distress, and we must make more effort to reach out to them.

While practising Buddhism and helping sentient beings, we must be able to recognise good and evil first, and also know ourselves — “Am I kind or evil today?” If you are filled with kind thoughts today and you go all out to perform good deeds — this is kindness.  Conversely, if you are down in your mood today and your mind is filled with negative thoughts, then you should refrain from doing anything.

Our wellbeing on the inside is very important. Considering our physical condition, we have to stay healthy. As Buddhist practitioners, on the outside, we need to maintain mental wellbeing, where the energy of the body is balanced, or what we call — smooth flowing. Why do some people feel overjoyed on some days? This is because their “Qi” is smooth flowing, hence they are happy, as there is no resentment in them.  Please remember, the “Qi” of a person without hatred is undisturbed. This is when love will manifest. When your energy is smooth and unhindered, vexations will not arise in you. When you have the skillful approaches to share Dharma with others, all your troubles will leave you.

BHFF 11: Illuminating and Seeing the Emptiness of the Five Aggregates (2/3)