When people encounter problems, the first thing they do is to blame others,

“It’s all your fault”. They even slander other people. They always blame others no matter what they do. They want others to give in, but they never compromise.  Keep in mind that if you always expect others to compromise, you will gradually become paranoid and be obsessed with the concept of self.  As time goes by, you would lose your Buddha mind. Therefore, after some time, you will slowly quit your Buddhist practice and spiritual cultivation.

I want you to understand, the reason for sowing irretrievable evil causes is that you have been sowing evil causes every hour, every minute and every second.  You may question “How did I offend him?” This is what people often ask, ”How did I offend him? I really don’t understand what I have done? Why did he treat me so poorly?”  You didn’t give him a smiling face. Your way of speaking was quite nasty.  It’s all because of something you just said.

You have been keeping on about a particular person but fail to consider the feelings of someone else by your side. What we say unintentionally can be taken personally by others. And they would think you are trying to insinuate about them. You would have now sown a bad cause without knowing.

Imagine that a husband and a wife have been quarrelling for quite some time.  One asks, “Why are you picking up a fight with me today?” The other one says, “Because of something you just said”. “When did I say this?” “You don’t even know what you just said?” “You don’t even want to admit what you just said?” “When did I say this?” People sow many this kind of causes due to ignorance. These negative causes will have a negative impact on your future and career.

I have always told you that our greatest enemy is ourselves. To correct our shortcomings is to conquer ourselves. People live in suffering.  We should learn to correct our shortcomings in order to conquer ourselves, so we could then overcome all difficulties and pains in life. I am not asking you to conquer others. You just need to overcome all obstacles in life. You won’t be troubled by affliction or suffering, once you are able to overcome yourselves. You have simply overcome the obstacles you are supposed to encounter.  In this case, you don’t need to bear the suffering any more.  For example,  as for most of you, it is normal to get angry when others are yelling at you.  However, if you are able to overcome yourself and take control of your temper by telling yourself, “I mustn’t get angry because I myself will suffer”.  “He can slander me all he likes, but I know I’m not like what he described”. “It doesn’t matter”.  This is how you can overcome yourself. You will not feel upset anymore. You are no longer frustrated.  Otherwise, you will be sad and distressed.

I will elaborate on the concept of pain and happiness.  Pain and happiness are merely the feeling and perception in your mind— sensation.  Pain is a kind of feeling.  Happiness is also a kind of feeling/bearing. You laugh when you are happy, and you can feel the happiness in you. After you finish laughing, what’s left? “I was laughing so hard just now”. How many of you can still remember the details once the laughter is gone? There are a lot of funny matters in our everyday life.  They would make us laugh whenever we think of them. But are we going to keep them in mind all the time? It disappears when the laughter ends.  It is merely a feeling or perception.  Haven’t you been happy when you were young? Haven’t you been agonised when you young? It becomes an experience at present. Sometimes these feelings are very strong. For example, once you have been in intense pain and you were unable pull out, then your turn into depression over time. Once you have experienced immense happiness, you will be like Maitreya Buddha.

So let me talk about the sensation of human mind.  Our mind is nowhere to be found sometimes. It’s the mind that creates pain and happiness. If you are happy today, it’s because you want to be happy. There you go, you are happy.  Some people refuse to find a way to be happy.  When others comfort them and tell them to be happy: “Come on, let’s hang out a bit”. “No!” “Come on, you’ll be happier once you go out”. “No, I’d rather stay unhappy”.  Have you ever behaved such way? Especially when you were young? How about now? Were you not being silly when you were a child? Are you still being silly now? You haven’t really changed.

Therefore, I would like you to understand, to see, to feel and take control of the invisible perception in your mind. The perception starts to feel and react when you are upset. When you are unhappy, act fast to change, tell yourself to change: “Be happy! Be happy! Be happy!”  If you find yourself to be over joyed, watch out and beware.  However, one of the weaknesses of humans is that they fail to sense their unhappiness before it’s too late. They yell at others to unleash their anger. They want to vent their bottled-up emotions regardless any consequences. They just want to take it out on anyone that comes their way. When they are happy, they get crazy and excited. In the end, they lose control and get into trouble. The Bodhisattva tells us that all these are a kind of invisible perception.

We are helplessly bound by things beyond our control in our everyday life. We feel helpless. What options do you have? There are many natural disasters these days, what can human beings do to prevent them? We are helpless aren’t we? People are tied up in deep loneliness. Don’t you think people are lonely? Don’t you feel lonely when you are at home all alone? Moreover, you need to cook,  and you have to endure some suffering. You may feel distressed. You have no one to talk to. Very lonely! Reality is always harsh and hopeless. Look at the reality nowadays, Don’t you find it cruel? The reality that everyone has gone through makes us realise how cruel it is. “Ouch, how was that possible?” “Ouch, how did that impact so many people?” “Ouch, why is there so much suffering?” Have you ever heard that a lot of people are suffering? Have you heard? Alas, it’s so pitiful. You’ll feel helpless. That’s how it is. People are fragile and helpless.

BHFF 10: Remove the carrier of desires (1/3)