A painter had a habit of napping in the afternoon at home. Being physically and mentally healthy, he felt at ease. However, nowadays the painter can’t fall asleep because two of his paintings were unexpectedly sold at a very high price. Whenever he thinks of his bank account balance that shows a long string of numbers, he just can’t contain his excitement.

Later, with his rising reputation, the painter becomes busier than ever as he frequently attends social activities and dinner parties. He has to give up his afternoon nap and he suffers from insomnia at night. His health gets worse and worse with his mind in chaos.

He used to enjoy painting and having tea, living in a world free from the pursuit of fame and wealth. He never worried about his sleep, as if he were in heaven. Ever since he found fame and fortune, he felt like stepping into hell.

The happiness of life is not how much property you own or what position you are in, but how you lead your life. By not being entangled by fame and fortune, you will achieve real liberation, which is what Buddhists often say.

Bear in mind that those who enjoy a liberated life will have a real life!

Inspirational Short Stories: An Unhappy Painter