Wenda2012122853 53:35 – About being a bridesmaid

Female caller: Master, is it true that a young lady who has been a bridesmaid three times will find it more difficult to get married?

Master : It is inappropriate to make such a sweeping remark. First, we have to look at the girl’s fate to ascertain how many marriages she is predestined to have.

There are girls who are happily married after they have become bridesmaids. There was once a girl whom I could see to have two or three marriages. But in the end, she has had only one marriage throughout her life. I was surprised, so I performed a Totem reading on her. It turned out that she had been a bridesmaid twice. As a result, the other two marriages had been nullified.

According to a custom practised in olden society, if a fortune telling reading predicted that a girl would be divorced in future, then the girl would be made a bridesmaid . By so doing, she would be left with one marriage as the other one would have been nullified. However , if you become a bridesmaid too many times, I’m sorry to say that your own marriage would be nullified and you will have no chance of getting married.

About being a bridesmaid