Master Jun Hong Lu’s
World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting
New York, US
22 September 2014

Once there was a quack doctor who always misdiagnosed his patients and caused their deaths. Someone’s son died because of his misdiagnosis. To compensate, he gave his own son to that person as that person’s adopted son. Later, someone else’s maid died because of him, so he gave his own maid to the person as compensation.

One night, someone knocked at his door pleading, “Please help, doctor, my wife has severe abdominal pain. Would you please come to my house and treat her?” The quack doctor then said to his wife, “My dear wife, you had better prepare for the moment of parting.”

We human beings should consider how to avoid wrongdoings rather than preparing useless compensations. In reality, people get used to mitigating consequences or making up for losses after doing the wrong thing. But why don’t we learn to understand the law of karma from the Buddha before starting something? Had we known the consequences we wouldn’t have started it in the first place. This is how we can avoid retributions. Hence, Buddhists should be cautious of all kinds of causes.

Bodhisattvas fear causes, whereas sentient beings fear consequences. As Buddhist practitioners, we should take causes seriously instead of fearing the consequences. Bear in mind that, when practicing Buddhism, we won’t fear the consequences as long as we take causes seriously!

Inspirational Short Stories: A Quack Doctor