There was a lonely old man in the United Kingdom whose wife and children were all gone. He lived alone in a large house with a garden. He was ill and frail. He decided to move to a nursing home and announced the sale of his beautiful house. The asking price was 80,000 pounds and the market value soon rose to 100,000 pounds. If it were not for health problems, he would not have sold the house that accompanied him for most of his life. He felt depressed.

A plain-dressed young man came to see the old man and bent down sincerely saying, “Dear Sir, I really want to buy this house, but I only have 10,000 pounds. If you sell it to me, I will let you live here with me, having tea, reading newspapers, taking a walk every day. I will keep you happy. Please believe me, I will take care of you with my whole heart.” After some thought, the old man sold the house to the young man with a smile for 10,000 pounds.

This story tells us that if we want to fulfill our dreams in the world, we don’t have to compete with each other, nor do we need to cheat others. As long as we have a loving heart, we will make our dreams come true.

Inspirational Short Stories: A Loving Heart is What Matters