Words of Wisdom

Master Jun Hong Lu’s Online Discourse with Belgium and Spain Buddhist Friends
April 10, 2016

A False Sense Of Self-consciousness

Master Lu hopes that we will not have a false sense of self-consciousness as this will be deceiving ourselves.  Many people deceive themselves by looking for justification when they know that they have committed wrongs, “everyone is doing it, I should not be considered to be going overboard.”  Many people live their lives thinking that they are always right.  Why?  They refused to admit that they had committed a wrong and felt that other people are doing worse than them.  In this way, they will never improve themselves. As Buddhist practitioners, we must be able to see our own faults and be brave enough to forget our own shortcomings.  Because, when we are able to forget our own shortfalls, we are able to embrace our good traits.  Our good traits will not accumulate if our souls are dwelling on sorrows and shortcomings every day.  Therefore, we must be clean. When the heart is clean, we will be able to attain calmness. Purity of the heart will enable us to have a calm heart.   When there is “calmness” we will be able to achieve “precepts”.  Hence, a person who abides by the precepts will be able to calm down easily and attain wisdom in the process.