The following case is extracted from “The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics” Grand Dharma Function in Hong Kong 2012. Master Lu performed Totem Enquiries live on stage and answered questions from the audience to help them overcome difficulties with their health, career, and everyday issues.

When a person is asking Master Lu to perform Totem Enquiry, if a living person is being enquired, then the year of birth and the Chinese zodiac sign of that person are to be stated. If a deceased person is being enquired, then the full name of the deceased and the exact written characters of the name are to be stated.

A young lady had a rare skin condition, which could not be cured after seeking countless treatments. Using his transcendental ability, Master Lu was able to see that it was because her mother had consumed too many live fish during pregnancy. Master Lu also revealed that the young lady had depression because her parents were divorced.


Master Lu: Alright. You may ask.

Enquirer: Thank you, Master. My child has been full of illnesses. Since birth, she’s been having huge blisters all over her body. Large pustules.

Master Lu: Hm.

Enquirer: And her fingernails and toenails have fallen off. I’m from Beijing. I have taken her to all the major hospitals in Beijing, but no diagnosis have been made. This chance was given to me by a Dharma friend from Beijing. Could you please take a look. This is truly… Doctors can’t help. She’s 25 years old now.

Master Lu: Ey. Master Lu has a talent. I specialise in the treatment of those who can’t be cured by doctors.

Enquirer: She was born in 1988, January 1st, Year of the Rabbit.

Master Lu: 1988. This child has suffered for many years.

Enquirer: Yes.

Master Lu: Year of the Rabbit, right?

Enquirer: Yes.

Master Lu: Hm. Okay.

Master Lu: Her illness is related to the blood. There’s an imbalance with her haemoglobin. Do you understand?

Enquirer: I understand.

Master Lu: Now I see that the shade of her blood changes periodically from dark to light. Do you understand?

Enquirer: I understand.

Master Lu: This causes her to have blisters. Ah-ya. Okay. I see it now. For her… When you were pregnant with her, did you eat a turtle every day? Or a live fish? Or other aquatic creatures?

Enquirer: This child is my niece. I raised her since she was little.

Master Lu: Then you ask her mother. When her mother was pregnant, she ate a live fish or a turtle every day.

Enquirer: Her mother eats anything as long as it’s meat.

Master Lu: Meat lover. She eats all kinds of meat. Correct?

Enquirer: Correct.

Master Lu: Okay. It is indeed because she ate those every day. Okay. Now I can see that her blisters look like a chain of crabs.

Enquirer: Hm.

Master Lu: Do you understand?

Enquirer: I understand.

Master Lu: I hope that you can perform recitations mindfully and sincerely for her.

Enquirer: Alright.

Master Lu: Okay.

Enquirer: Okay.

Master Lu: You recite the Amitabha Pure Land Rebirth Mantra (Wang Sheng Chou) for her.

Enquirer: Okay.

Master Lu: Also, this girl has depression. Do you understand?

Enquirer: I understand.

Master Lu: Hm. Very severe depression.

Enquirer: Hm.

Master Lu: I can sense directly… From the energy field of her Totem that her parents are also problematic.

Enquirer: Hm. Yes. I was the one who raised her.

Master Lu: You see? Are her parents divorced?

Enquirer: Yes.

Master Lu: Isn’t Master Lu accurate?

Enquirer: Could you please take a look at how many Little Houses she needs?

Master Lu: Ey. She needs 120 Little Houses.

Enquirer: Okay.

Master Lu: Hm. Okay?

Enquirer: Okay.

Master Lu: Recite mindfully and sincerely.

Enquirer: What about her Daily Recitation? Can you please tell me?

Master Lu: For Daily Recitation…

Enquirer: Alright. I understand.

Master Lu: Just ask the staff at the information desks.

Enquirer: Okay. Okay.

2012 Hong Kong Dharma Function – Extraordinary Case 08