Wenda20160722 56:10 [Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program]


Caller: Master Lu, is it true that vegetarians are less likely to be possessed by foreign spirits than a non-vegetarian? The reason for asking is because on the 5th of July, during the discipleship ceremony, Master mentioned that the girl would not be possessed by the spirit of her uncle, who died an unjust death, had she been a vegetarian with more sanctified body. Please enlighten us on this, Master Lu.

Master Jun Hong Lu: There is a form of emission from vegetarians that is close to Bodhisattva; whereas the smell emitted from non-vegetarians is similar to that of animals, a smell which foreign spirits could affiliate to. This is because the Naraka/Preta realm is directly under that of the Animal realm. Thus, they will be drawn to the smell.

Caller: So it’s the smell that attracts the foreign spirits.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Yes, they are attracted by it. Why? Because foreign spirits like to possess bodies of those who are having depression and those with foul smell. Let me ask you, houseflies are attracted to things that are smelly, aren’t they?

Caller: Yes. As the Chinese proverb goes, “’a fly will not suck an egg without a crack”.