Excerpt from Buddhism in Plain Terms, Vol.11, Chapter 17


Many people ask, ‘Master Lu, why am I still worrying and why are my karmic obstacles increasing, even though I have embarked on spiritual cultivation and on reciting Buddhist scriptures? Why are there more and more karmic creditors even though I have started reciting Little Houses?’

This is because you have never recited Buddhist scriptures before. It is as if you have not been paying back your loans for all these years and once you start paying back the money, you are suddenly feeling the pressure. Since you need to pay back your loans, you finally realise how hard it is to earn money, and thus you cut down on your expenses; this is how it works.

It is due to these karmic affinities and conditions that we are motivated to work harder to practice Buddhism, to change our behaviour and cultivate our minds.  In other words, we need to cultivate our physical body and our spirituality.