Wenda20181021B 31:33

(Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program)



Master Jun Hong Lu:

We have to cherish everything, including our time, our relationships with others and our affinity with Buddha.  Time is of the essence in the extension of lifespan – when one’s ‘time is up’, one’s life is at an end.  Hence, it is said, to waste time is to waste life.  I have the least respect for those who are always lazy, wasting their lives, not dedicating themselves to progress, hence not achieving anything in life.  Take for example, for a person who operates a small stall that hardly makes ends meet how much of their lives are they wasting?  Every day, all they try to do is to outwit and fight one another.  What good does it do?  Hence, time and again, I have been telling all of you that what matters most is our spiritual cultivation.  Money-making is merely a game and it is not worth it!