Master Jun Hong Lu’s Discourse (Question 126)


Q: In my dream, I was seated next to Bodhisattva and opposite a white bearded old man. We seemed to be discussing topics related to calamities. I asked what we should do and Chun Ti Bodhisattva said to me, “If sentient beings do not repent sincerely, they will not be able to avoid calamities”. I think what Bodhisattva meant was that cultivators would not be able to escape from calamities through recitations alone. If they do not cultivate wholeheartedly, calamities will inevitably befall them. Since I was not aware of what Chun Ti Bodhisattva looks like, I started to search for images of Chun Ti Bodhisattva after I woke up, and found a picture identical to the one in my dream. I had this dream around 2 years ago.

A: People who are insincere in their cultivation will not be able to ward off calamities. Why are there still so many cultivators who contract chronic diseases? Are they cultivating sincerely? They have to ask themselves. The Bodhisattva knows who the true cultivators are. Those who fail to cultivate truthfully will not be able to escape from destined calamities.