Wenda20111111 48:10 [Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program]



There is an elderly lady who is now very diligent in practicing Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door. Every day, besides performing scripture recitations, she listens to Master’s radio programs and she has adopted a full vegetarian diet too. However, she is unsure how she should help more people by introducing Buddhism to them. I would like to seek Master Lu’s advice.
Master Jun Hong Lu:

Please convey this message to her. There are three ways of doing so.

Number 1: When you distribute some Buddhist materials for others to read, it is considered as introducing Buddhism to the others

Number 2: When you share with others through conversations, it is considered as introducing Buddhism to the others

Number 3: When you demonstrate good behaviour, it is also considered as introducing Buddhism to the others.

For example, you have family members who do not believe in Buddhism. If you, on the other hand, are serious in your cultivation and you treat them with the utmost respect, you act totally differently to what they expect. Once they witness the changes in you, they will go “Wow! Learning Buddhism seems to have a very good effect on you!”. You can respond to them: “Yes, that’s right. I am learning Buddhism. You should, too!”. Don’t you consider this as introducing Buddhism to your family? Demonstrate more to others about what Buddhism entails through your behaviour and your words. In addition, offer them books to read or let them listen more, these are all possible ways of propagating Buddhism.