Wenda20121214 19:00 [Master Jun Hong Lu’s call-in radio program]


Caller: Master Lu, there are dreams that foretell the future and there are also many random dreams. If a person often has such dreams, is there something wrong with him?

Master Jun Hong Lu: There are two explanations when it comes to a person having random dreams. His Yin energy could be more intense. From a medical perspective, especially in traditional Chinese Medicine, it is referred to as deficiency of Yin, which explains his tendency to having dreams. Such a person should consider nourishing his body with the right nutrients. In addition, during the day, he should try not to allow any emotional upheaval to affect him, as “one dreams at night about what one thinks in the day”.

Caller: I see.

Master Jun Hong Lu: Another way to look at this is that, it is common for Buddhist practitioners to have dreams that foretell the future, so don’t worry about it.