Master Jun Hong Lu’s

Public Talk

Sydney, Australia

27 January 2019



Master Jun Hong Lu:

Up on a mountain, there were two identical looking stones with very different endings in life after a few years. The first one was carved into a Buddha statue and was regarded with veneration by the people; while the second one was made into a non-significant stone step.

With much grievance, the second stone said, “My friend, since we are stones of the same type, why there is such great disparity between our fates?” The first stone answered, “Do you remember? A few years ago, when a sculptor came along, you were terrified by the pain inflicted on you from the sculptor’s knife. You couldn’t bear the suffering.  Hence, with a few cuts from the chisel, you ended up as a stone step. As for me, I lived through the pain that turned me into a statue of a Buddha. Success comes to those who can endure hardship – which explains why today I am held in veneration by the people while you, unfortunately, are just their stone step.”